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Here are some references suggested by the HitchhikersAI community:

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  2. AI in biopharma research: A time to focus and scale, October 10, 2022, McKinsey

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  7. Best practices for machine learning in antibody discovery and development, Leonard Wossnig et al, December 2023

  8. Unlocking the Potential of AI in Drug Discovery, June 2023, Boston Consulting Group

  9. Cultures of data mining in pharmaceutical drug discovery, Work in Progress Report, Itzelle Medina Perea et al, December 2023

  10. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences, Eugene Wigner, Communications in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 13, No. I (February 1960)

  11. AI-driven drug discovery has led to more than 30 assets in clinical trials, up from 0 in 2020, Artis Ventures

  12. Using chemical and biological data to predict drug toxicity, Srijit Seal et al, SLAS Discovery, Vol 28, Issue 3, April 2023, Pages 53-64

  13. A Plan Is Not a Strategy, Roger Martin, Dean, Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, 2023.

  14. Bringing computation to biology by bridging the last mile, Anne Carpenter et al, Nature Cell Biology, Volume 26, January 2024, Pages 5 - 7

  15. The Right Data for Good Results: Introducing the 5 ‘V’s of Drug Discovery Data, Leo Wossnig, July 2023.

  16. Results of CACHE Challenge #1, CACHE.

  17. REINVENT 4: Modern AI–Driven Generative Molecule Design, Hannes Loffler et al, Astrazeneca, November 2023.

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