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Welcome to HitchhikersAI

A non-profit impact community, accelerating the adoption of AI/ML and data in early drug discovery globally.

Imagine how much stronger the industry's drug pipeline will be, once
early drug discovery teams everywhere have been enabled with AI & data - to discover big actionable insights, accelerate program success and lower costs.


Imagine how many lives that will save.

The HitchhikersAI community develops, deploys and uses fit-for-purpose enablement packages, with a collaboration-first ethos.  The community is growing and currently consists of 160+ bench scientists, data scientists, mathematicians, business owners, executives, academics etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is this platform business concept? Check out this intro video (25 mins) and a more specific viewpoint video (2 mins).  Also, here is the Wikipedia page.

  • Do providers offer open source or proprietary tools?   Both, whatever works for the user and the providers, within each project.  The key is that no provider makes a profit on the project.

  • Who is part of the HitchhikersAI community?  Everybody across the life sciences ecosystem, who is interested in the vision & mission is part of the community.  In addition, there is a small handful of folks managing the platform itself.

  • What kind of operation are we?  HitchhikersAI is a non-profit platform business collaborating with the ecosystem.  This includes a business framework, managed workflows, and (yes) a simple IT platform.

  • What examples are there?  The community is early in its journey, with several activities currently live.  As a grass-roots community, we encourage teams to self-form and go after interesting & challenging problems. In parallel, we are talking to scientists (users) and data providers about their specific needs.

Thank you to our Sponsors & Collaborators


"The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything."


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